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Infused Oils

Herbs, fruits, roots and mushrooms are in abundant supply during their harvesting season. As soon as the harvest comes to an end, we start to miss their fresh scents and vibrant tastes, but these wonderful tastes and smells are available to you all year round!

Our special selection of infused oils is a welcome addition to any gourmet's kitchen. Vom Fass infused oils are made using Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils that have been infused with natural basil, lemon, orange, rosemary and truffle flavor. The flavor comes from essences that have been extracted directly from the original herbs, without the use of chemicals.

These infused oils are multipurpose: excellent for marinating, broiling, grilling, and basting vegetables, poultry, or fish. Use these 100% naturally flavored oils for dipping bread, as part of a salad dressing or sauce, or toss with freshly cooked pasta for a quick tasty meal.



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